Ryan, Miles, Allure, Shock Give Thanks in New Naughty America Foursome Scene

VENICE, Calif. — Sofi Ryan, Audrey Miles, Adira Allure and Sam Shock star in Naughty America’s new Thanksgiving-themed foursome scene.

According to the company, for a whole lot of guys, Thanksgiving is all about “overeating and watching football and leaving the ladies to themselves, but this new scene from Naughty America can make a sturdy case for skipping the sports — and possibly that third assisting — and providing a little focus to the lonely girls as an alternative,” a rep explained.

Sofi Ryan attends a Thanksgiving celebration with her boyfriend’s household and he, like most of the guys, are hanging out downstairs watching the huge game. Adira Allure’s boyfriend, Sam Shock, is the wise one particular, hanging upstairs with the ladies, which also includes Audrey Miles.

“The ladies did not pig out at dinner and are even now hungry, so they tease Sam playfully about their outfits, asking, ‘Are our skirts also short?’ It is a Thanksgiving magnificent that has a whole lot to teach the guy who wants to eat also much and sit about all day watching dudes throw balls about,” explained a company representative.